Wah Kee Canteen has deployed their first digital signage menu board at New Trade Plaza
Nov, 2016

From past decades of year economy transformation, traditional factory district turns to multi complex zone. The customer segmentation of the factory canteen not only target for blue-collar worker and office ladies. Hence, these factory canteens are trying to provide better dining environment and customer experience in recently years.

Wah Kee opened their first store in 1993, they aim to diversification and continuous innovations, fruitfully infuse innovative style into traditional business.

In Nov 2016, considering as a market leader of F&B industry and follow the footstep of the new era, unlike other factory canteen, Wah Kee Canteen make an innovative decision that to adopt six of the iMenu digital menu boards with the contemporary industrial style design, it is able to enhance customers’ experience, influence their purchasing decision and increase the sales. We believe that the application of digital menu board will not only be utilized in fast food chain stores and should trend to other factory canteens for upcoming years.