VTC - Chinese Cuisine Training Institute
April, 2012

Being one of the Capital Millennium Projects initiated by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute (CCTI) provides both full-time and part-time courses to beginners and practicing chefs in the industry who wish to obtain or upgrade their qualifications in Chinese Cuisine.
CCTI is looking for a digital signage solution to allow CCTI admin staff to select the appropriate photos to be displayed in their hall of fame, as they have a few thousands of photos in their photo system, the selection of photos has to be flexible and automatically, iSignage developed a customized program to allow CCTI staff efficiently select the right photos with the right description to the panel display for display purposes. iSignage also help CCTI to install some kiosk stand to display CCTI information which lead to establish a strong corporate image and brand identity of the institute.