The 15th shops Heng Fa of Super Super Congee & Noodle empowered by iSignage iMenu
Nov, 2016

Super Super Congee & Noodle (SSCN) was established in 1999, which is a specialty brand created by the Café de Coral Group, specializing in serving two traditional dishes, congee and noodles. SSCN presents these two traditional dishes in a modern and trendy atmosphere and trendy decoration, it successfully to attract the new generation customers since build a different image if compare with other traditional congee and noodle shop.

iSignage iMenu integrated digital menu board solution with central management provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to allow the super user manage the master content menu board and create dynamic, visually appealing menus for each dedicated sites while change the price or promote a time playlist locally at different sites.

With the installation of iSignage iMenu, SSCN is able to increase the customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency which updated the menu content by automatically at the time frame preset. SSCN enjoys faster time-to-market with lower total cost of ownership and provide their customers with an even more efficient ordering environment than before.