Café De Coral implemented digital menu board at Harbor City Tsim Sha Tsui branch
Aug, 2015

Digital menu board is becoming increasingly common in quick service restaurant, and more and more fast food restaurants are adopting the digital menu board to help the restaurant operators to promote their offerings and engage their customers in store. To align with Cafe de Coral’s corporate strategy, recently iSignage is appointed by Café de Coral to implement iSignage iMenu digital menu board to their Harbor City TST Branch, the iMenu System is installed in both takeaway area and dining area of the restaurant.

Takeaway area has installed 3 sets of 49” display panels for iMenu System
Dining In area has installed 4 sets of 49” display panels for iMenu System

The iMenu System help to save cashier’s time to change menu bar manually, it allows the restaurant operator to instantly update the menu content and promotion item at any time, make change of menu price and menu item for a particular store or multiple stores, enable the restaurant operator more responsive to react to market changes. The new digital menu board not only provide automated scheduling, smooth up the operation, it also gives a high tech image to customer and enhance the corporate image to their customers.

iSignage is proud to provide the iMenu System to Café De Coral, we are glad to see that with the implementation of the iMenu System at the store, there is improvement in sales turnover as well as better customer experience for Café de Coral’s customers.