Digital queueing system comes alive with SMS notification and QR code at MUJI Festival Walk
Jun, 2017

Digital signage takes queue management to a new level. Queues involve customers waiting with little else to do, while digital signage is all about drawing the attention of viewers and engaging them with a message.

As one of the international companies, MUJI has more than 700 stores around the world and sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods. Recently, MUJI adopt our “iQueue” queueing management system for their business of food and beverage in Hong Kong, Café&Meal MUJI.

In June 2017, Café&Meal MUJI has implemented iQueue queueing system to help their customers to get clear and conservative information that will help customers estimate their wait time, reducing their level of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the situation.

With the new installation of this queueing system, it integrate SMS notification function, customer not only just getting the queue status on the monitor screen, also let themselves be notified by means of SMS in advance (e.g. 5 mins) that it will be their turn at a given (estimated) time, customers able immediately to return to the store.

Furthermore, our queueing system integrated with QR code function as well. For the benefit, it allow customers temporarily leave the Café&Meal MUJI to do other things. By giving customers something to do while they wait, it can seem like time goes by faster. If the customers want to know the queue status, what they need to do is scanning the QR code on the ticket and it will link to the website which shows the queue status.