iMeeting is the signage partner for MGB HK to guide their guests and staffs for meeting room booking and display
Sep, 2011

MGB Metro Group Buying HK Ltd. with its headquarter in Hong Kong is a wholly owned subsidiary of the METRO GROUP. MGB Metro HK’s office has over 20 meeting rooms, everyday have tens of meetings held in office and often cases when guests come to their office for meeting, they are a bit confused of where the meeting take place, to enable MGB Metro Group HK to guide their guests and enable their staffs to book the meeting room and have the meeting details broadcast to all the staffs and keep visitors and guests well informed of the meeting location and details, MGB Metro HK choose iSignage as their signage partner and implement the iMeeting in the MGB Metro HK office, 2 sets of 55-inch LED display panels are installed at the reception hall and at the common area of the office, so that when guests come to their office, they are well informed and finding the meeting location without any problem.