1881 Heritage interactive kiosk stand
Janaury, 2014

Located at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the Former Marine Police Headquarters have been rejuvenated and re-integrated into the urban fabric of the surrounding area. The 120 year-old historical development has been revitalized and transformed into a cultural and shopping landmark in Hong Kong – 1881 Heritage. In order to help visitors to understand more of the historic building and its tenants information, 1881 Heritage has selected iSignage to install an all weather proof interactive kiosk stand at the entrance of the building. The IP65 enclosure protection rating enables the kiosk to be installed in the harshest weather conditions including rainy and dusty environment, the kiosk is also equipped with an air conditioner with thermal control which allow the kiosk to perform properly even at 55 °C, the ultra-high brightness display also allow sunlight readable display content.