The new display format - “2x3” landscape type display at Maxim’s can.teen (Prince Edward Building)
Aug, 2016

As one of the market leaders in QSR industry, Maxim’s has established some quick service brands including Maxim’s MX, MX, can.teen, etc. Maxim’s always aim to keep innovating and to build a new trend in the market. Since 2010, Maxim’s deployed iSignage iMenu – Digital Menu Board for over 300 panels, leading into the largest digital menu board service provider in QSR industry.

Today, Maxim’s can.teen break through from traditional framework again, they create the new display format – “2x3” landscape type. This format is totally different if compare with the traditional static menu boards in portrait scene type. The main benefit of applying this brand new display format with iSignage iMenu is driving the audience perceptions by the sight of the five senses.