Drives up operational efficiency with iBooking at Urban Renewal Authority
Jan, 2020

The URA was established in May 2001 under the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance as the statutory body to undertake, encourage, promote and facilitate urban renewal of Hong Kong, with a view to addressing the problem of urban decay and improving the living conditions of residents in old districts.

In 2020, The URA has adopted the iBooking System as their preferred choice of meeting room booking system, through the iBooking System, URA has integrated the iBooking System into their intranet and allow URA staff to book meeting room in just few click, the meeting room booking system also integrated with their energy saving light and electricity control system, after user check in/check out the meeting room, the meeting room booking system will also tricker to turn on/off the light and air condition system.

The management of the URA is planning to deploy the meeting room booking system to their other offices.