Driving digital queueing system at Metroplaza & Tin Yiu Plaza store of Towngas
October, 2019

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) was founded in 1862. As one of the Hong Kong’s first public utility and the largest energy suppliers, operating with world-class corporate management and leading-edge business practices, Towngas has been growing with Hong Kong and now supplying town gas to about 1.9 million customers and provide a full range of gas applications that customers need.

In order to provide a better customer service to the customers, Towngas adopt iSignage iQueue solution. For the implantation of the iQueue, when the customers of Towngas come to the store, there is a kiosk with 15-inch touch monitor located at the reception counter, where customers are able to select their preferred service by touching the button on the touch monitor, then the iQueue system will issue a printed ticket with a current ticket number. When ticket number is called, the ticket number will be displayed on TV screen and will flash and “beep” sound from the TV speaker to draw customer attention.

Adopting queue management system, Towngas are now enjoying the benefits of increasing customer satisfaction, optimizing staff performance and productivity, and eliminating irregular and haphazard queuing.