New Look, New Signage at Lee Popcorn, Harbour City and K11
Aug, 2018

Lee is one of the world’s most iconic signatures of innovation and established by Henry David in 1889. From the launch of the 1st Lee bib overalls to the 13oz 101 cowboy jeans, Lee demonstrates the passion of innovation over 120 years, transforming from a practical-and-durable-workwear maker to a contemporary-and-trendy fashion giant.

In Aug 2018, Lee redesign the new look and decoration at their stores, wanted to cater to its innovation by modernizing stores to create an impactful customer experience, like a street-facing video wall which catch the attention of passersby. Lee finally powered iSignage to implement iPlays digital signage solution with the 55” 1x3 video wall, 55” 2x2 video wall and 49” 1x3 video wall at K11, Harbour City and Popcorn.

Besides, with integrated central management function, iPlays allows operators to instantly change the contents, such as promotion, limited time offers from anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.